Hello, my name is Lis Gerber and I thought I was only good at one thing...

But as I get older I notice that lots of people tell me they like what I like. And that's a lot of things. Recently more and more people are asking me to help them love what they like, by sharing with them how and why I like what I like, so what they like can be more like what I like. (catch all that?). 

I LIKE A LOT OF THINGS and I see them all of the time. And I smile a lot. And so here is one place other people can smile a lot too.

I am a graphic designer by trade. It's something I have worked hard and long at. Everyday I am inspired by micro moments. My eyes catch things—constantly taking in, and making mental notes. If this site is nothing else, it is a digital catalog of the things I like. To remember the things I see, touch, taste, & experience in my life so I don't forget them. But, if you like what I like, go ahead and follow...and if you love what I like, feel free to comment or reach out. (if I like what you like, then I will post it on if you like what I like and give you full credit.) Whew!