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I LIKE cows.

I LIKE cows.

Here's why:

This is probably a dumb post. But, I was driving yesterday and I came across a field with cows grazing. By no means is this atypical in Vermont, and certainly not special enough to write a blog about it.

But I'm totally going to.


As I passed the field, I said in my head "I really like cows" and I laughed as I thought of this as a post. It seems ludicrous to write about how I like cows. BUT...this is the very reason I have this blog. I can write about anything I like, no matter how boring the subject is—and people can read it if they want to.

Cows make me super happy in general. I am a runner and when I pass them on my route I notice something. They watch me in a way that says, "I see you." I have even had an experience three times now that some of the cows start running with me until I reach a place they can no longer join me. I then wave a friendly goodbye and carry on with my run. The real reason they are running with me is because they probably think I am going to feed them...but I like to believe they think I am part of their herd, and want to play. 

Cows are black and white in design, of course, a palette that is forever en vogue by any designer's standards. They are classic in their appearance. If they were people, I see them as sophisticated introverts just hanging around and snacking together not judging.***  Which rocks.

I should mention I am a vegetarian, so I don't see them as food. (Hmmmm....I eat dairy though—CHEEEEEEEEEESE—and feel very guilty about it because the dairy process is inhumane, but I digress.)

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 8.18.17 AM.png

Ok back to cows. This field in particular caught my eye because they were all BELTED COWS. People, have you seen a field of belted cows? I'm sure you have, but have you REALLY taken a long look? These cows in particular are absolutely stunning and totally pull-your-car-over-to-take-a-pic-worthy.


And did you know that cows have great memories? If you find yourself in the presence of a cow, be nice to her because she will remember you. Cows have great memories and are very good at remembering and recognizing faces even after long periods of time. I like this.

And so Fellow Liker's who have stuck with me until the end of this blog (wow—you are bored), I say, next time you see a field of cows...pause and enjoy their beauty. 

***SIDE NOTE: I stand corrected. While researching cows for this blog post I just read that cows are actually social animals that like large groups. They also will make friends and bond to some herd members, while avoiding others. So, instead of non-judgmental introverts, they are more like bitchy sorority sisters. Oh well.

Happy Pausing!

I LIKE Karen L Gerber.

I LIKE Karen L Gerber.

I LIKE these sinks.

I LIKE these sinks.