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I LIKE collages.

I LIKE collages.

Here's why: 

At some point in your life, you probably have embraced collages as a means to communicate or express yourself. You may have also tried to block it out—it's sitting in the dark part of your brain where you keep other images like your pegged jeans and hairspray-ed bangs. But I am here to bring you back, just for a moment. It's what I do.

The idea of collages as a decorating idea may seem antiquated. But I still like them. I realize the importance of them in their content and purpose. Plus, they make any place look a little less stuffy, a little more personal, and they are great conversation starters with guests.

We all remember these days don't we? Whether it was our high school bedrooms or our college dorms, our beds were lost in a slew of artistic expression of torn magazine pages, concert posters, and lots of tape.

We may laugh at the first thought of incorporating that as a design element in our adult life and in our adult home. ("tape on the walls?!") But people—the reasoning behind the making of these wall collages should still resonate with us...unless we have given up completely on keeping a fresh, youthful mind.

It's the same reason you scroll and flip through catalogs, magazines and the internet and still see pictures of great designers and artists next to their office wall with tear sheets, written words, scraps of fabric, etc. Below is an image of Jenna Lyons in her office at J.crew. (side note: she's leaving sad!) See her collages? Imagine if her wall was blank...even if you don't know who she is, she looks interesting. She looks personable. You just want to get to know her, don't you? But she doesn't stage these, she find value in them to be inspired, to keep a broad eye, to retain an open mind.

BUT WAIT... what not to do: It behooves me to give you a little guidance before setting you free to collage your little heart out. So put down the scissors.

Now, I know some of you reading this have a staircase that looks like this: 


If you have anything resembling this picture below, I want you to 1) not take offense and 2) change it immediately and 3) keep reading my blog. YOU CAN DO BETTER. I promise you, I know you can.

• Step away from the tired staged photos of your kids and family up the steps!
• Say no to the quotes printed on simulated white-washed wood that you purchased from your department store. (I mean you, Home Goods) 

The success of a collage comes when you stop and think about what you really want to say (and pics of the fam are great...but just ask yourself how can you do it differently? ) and say it in a less standardized way. Below is our take on images of our family, which I think is better than average but still needs work. (See? I am honest and I admit in front of all of you that I still need to push myself...)

I think what people may feel when they think of using collages in their home is fear. It takes a lot of "let looseness" to do it and a little introspection. But I urge you to rethink the collage and rethink your ability to create one. Below are some images of collages that will fit a ton of different styles...and I like all of them.

If you have a great collage in your home that you would like to share, comment below—Happy collecting, cutting and tearing!





I LIKE a good cry.

I LIKE a good cry.

I LIKE hygge.

I LIKE hygge.