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I LIKE a good cry.

I LIKE a good cry.

Here's why:

So, I am admittedly a pretty emotional person. I feel a lot of things, and I feel them kind of intensely—the good, the bad, even the indifferent. Ack! Indifference. To me, there is nothing worse than the feeling of indifference because that feels like not living. I would write about this if I had the blog "If You Don't Like What I Don't Like". But I don't so I will move on.

But crying. YES! Tonight specifically, I wound up curled up on my bed happily welcoming sadness. Wait, what? Yes, that's right...I said it. HAPPILY WELCOMING SADNESS. Now, I don't really need to get into the why and the what, because it isn't relevant to understanding why I am writing this blog today (but I'm ok, thanks for asking).

Anyway, hopefully you've been there...T h e  C r y. Capital T, capital C. And I say hopefully you've been there because it really does the trick, studies show.

"The Internets" say that crying is good for you. It truly has some clinically proven health benefits. It's pretty commonly known that crying relieves stress hormones. But it also releases oxytocin and endogenous opioids, otherwise known as endorphins. These guys are needed to help you through pain and give you a sense of calm. 

Did you know that in Japan there are actual crying clubs where people go to actually make themselves cry in groups of people? It's dubbed “rui-katsu” which translates to tear-seeking.


And I know some people beat themselves up for crying. Like losing it sometimes brings on a sense of shame and regret, maybe even feels like a waste of time. But I think not feeling is a waste of time. And that I would regret. I believe in this so strongly that I am sharing this today with you.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.08.02 PM.png

Yep, tonight I gave my sadness my complete attention. And it hit me hard. And I felt it. And after it was over, I felt calm. I felt warm. I felt safe. And I liked it.

Now pass the tissues and happy crying!

I LIKE this bra.

I LIKE this bra.

I LIKE collages.

I LIKE collages.