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I LIKE this bra.

I LIKE this bra.

Here's why:

This bra is perfect for an everyday bra that fits great, is comfortable, and looks a little bit sexy.

The bra is from Natori and it is called the "Feather Basics" .  


It's not rocket science, but the sexy part is important for an everyday bra. You can still wear the nude one under t-shirts with confidence, but when you take it off you don't look like you're wearing your grandmother's bra. I like it in black as well, but there are a ton of brighter colors available. (I'm a neutral kind of girl.)

I also like the Natori Feather's T-Back Bra. I wear the black one with tank tops where you can see the lace part in the's being sexy without trying. It has a front clasp, which is a welcome change of pace and the gold is a nice touch. Ha, I will admit to feeling a little "edgy" when I wear this one, which to a 25 year old may sound ludicrous. But I'll take it!


Either style is a great addition to your top drawer. 

Happy "Lifting"!

DISCLAIMER: I should warn you that I am on the smaller side of the size spectrum so I can't comment on how this bra fits the well endowed. If you are one of those lucky ones, and you wind up purchasing one, comment below and let me know how it works for you!




I LIKE this color.

I LIKE this color.

I LIKE a good cry.

I LIKE a good cry.