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I LIKE this idea.

I LIKE this idea.

Here's why:

Oh. My. Gah.

I was doing some research for my next post when I came across this:


Wait, What!? WHAT??????

What is this, you ask? PURE AND UTTER GENIUS, my "Fellow Likers!"! No, I am not talking about the beautiful overall look of this bathroom... (well, besides the tub, that is a little too used, er, vintage for my liking...)

I am speaking of the cool little painting above the sink. A PORTRAIT PAINTING ABOVE THE SINK. INSTEAD. OF. A. MIRROR.



In a world of selfies and self-important bloggers (ahem!) this—THIS—is the thing to do. Imagine, after you-know-whating in someone's bathroom, you walk over to the sink to wash your hands—you do that right?—and you look up to see something like this staring back at you:



In the past, I have partaken in art directing an interior of a restaurant or two in my graphic design career. And I always say how important the bathrooms are. They need to be unique, beautiful, clean, and most importantly memorable. If a customer walks back to their table and says "Hey guys, you have to check out the bathrooms!" this is a huge win for the restaurant in establishing loyal patrons. 

I say why not create the same experience in your home? Think...this whimsical design move would certainly deliver chuckles from behind the bathroom door...and how fun is it to hear your guests having a good time, even when they are privately doing their business? 

I love the artsy-ness of the image below...BUT...


I think you could get very creative with this. I also think it would be fun to get a few different ones and mix them up when you have the same guests over more than once. You can get some self portraits from etsy here. But I would just keep my eyes peeled when walking around in your favorite antique shop, I know I can recall seeing cheap self portraits-a-plenty.

You could keep it artsy:

OR...You could go with well-know characters (real or not, current or not!):

Or come up with your own funny thing:

Anyway, I think you get the picture. (hee hee). Have fun...and remember, JUST SAY NO TO THE BATHROOM MIRROR!

Enjoy the chuckles!

I LIKE this mascara.

I LIKE this mascara.

I LIKE this blanket.

I LIKE this blanket.