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I LIKE depuff-ing.

I LIKE depuff-ing.

Here's Why:

This guy is just here to demonstrate something puffy. :)

This guy is just here to demonstrate something puffy. :)

Hi there. Remember me?'s been a while. Sorry about that. You see, since my awesome mom passed away (see I LIKE Karen L. Gerber) it's been difficult to find things I like. I mean, this blog could have easily become a series of diary entries talking about my various stages of grief (I may still go there eventually)...but I needed space and time to collect myself. And every time I tried to write something positive, I was like...


I also was struggling with moving on from that last post, which was about her. It's the same as putting a pic of the two of us as my facebook profile and now I'm not sure when I can change that either. It's the clinging to the lasts of the lasts. It's hard.

BUT! I am pushing myself to be back. To share all things I like to my Fellow Likers out there. And I figured there is no better segue than a blog about my favorite eye creme specifically designed to depuff. And as you can imagine, there's been a lot of crying going on over here in the last three months. And with the tears, comes the puff!


So! Let's get to it...I have always had my favorite—No Puffery by Origins, $28:

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 9.53.42 AM.png

But when sh*t was getting real I thought maybe I should buy a more expensive one, to amp-up my de-puff game. So I ordered this one, Natura Bissé for $68:

BUT PEOPLE: save your money! The Origins works better (faster) and is still my go-to. Every morning when I put this on, it's a treat because it has a cooling effect also.

So go forth, save your pennies...and D E P U F F!



I LIKE Karen L Gerber.

I LIKE Karen L Gerber.