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I LIKE this artist.

I LIKE this artist.

Here's Why:

I am fascinated by the works of artist Ron Mueck.


I won't bore you with a ton of details as you can read all about him on Wikipedia here. But for those of you who want the crib sheet version—he is an Australian sculptor who is well known for his works of the minute details of the human body, playing with scale to produce engrossing visual images (a style known as hyperrealism). 

His subject matter is deeply private, and is often concerned with people’s unspoken thoughts and feelings. Looking at his art you can see that this man understands life...he finds value in human connection. He sees things as they are, and his works remind me that beauty isn't about perfection. His art disturbs me somewhat, but that's why I like it.

He has about 40 major works to date, and first came to the public's attention in the mid to late 90s with his sculpture entitled "Dead Dad" which was of his deceased father and created by memory.

Below are some of my favorites...take a look! 

I LIKE these mirrors.

I LIKE these mirrors.