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I LIKE this woman.

I LIKE this woman.

Here's why:

I was looking at one of my favorite fb pages, Farmhouse Tours, and I came across this woman's house. Her name, Lindsea Dragomir, and her style is near perfection.

DISCLAIMER: I like what she likes. ...not afraid to admit it here, right now in front of you all...WOMAN. CRUSH.


I also saw a photo montage on her Instagram and it appears she appreciates dark green color mentioned in my blog post a few weeks back...we have so much in common! Ha!


Anyway, back to why she is worthy of a post...

She owns a company called House of Harvest and although the items she sells are P R I C E Y , they are authentic, quality pieces—each with a rich history. All the items are elegantly simple, one of a kind and curated by her hard work and keen eye. They should be adored and cherished in your home—placed somewhere for all to admire. Some images below of her items:

If you have a strict budget like me, you can at least look around her site and her home to get inspired...and maybe save up your pennies (in an antique jar, ahem!) for a future splurge. Each product she sells will make such an impact in your home, but in the most quiet and beautiful way, if that makes sense. 

Some images from her 100 year old home in Washington are below.

Happy drooling!

I LIKE these mirrors.

I LIKE these mirrors.

I LIKE a good design debate.

I LIKE a good design debate.